Biocontrol for Nature Conference

Biocontrol for Nature

"Exploring the benefits of classical biological control for forests, wetlands, grasslands, and deserts"

This website and associated content will explore the benefits of classical biological control for the control of invasive insects and plants in natural forests, and associated habitats such as wetlands, grasslands, and deserts. Applications to islands and other natural systems will also be included.

The primary focus of this website is to promote the use of classical biological as a tool for use in conservation and restoration oriented programs that are managing problems associated with the damage invasive species cause to wilderness lands and areas of high conservation value.

The content of this website will not address other forms of biological control (e.g., augmentation, conservation, biopesticides), nor will it address issues pertaining to the classical biological control of pests in plantation forestry. The topics of this website are directed at biological control scientists, conservationists, invasion biologists, and land managers.

Goldspotted Oak Borer Trees Damaged from the Goldspotted Oak Borer

The Goldspotted Oak Borer has killed tens of thousands of native oak trees in Southern California. A classic biological control program is being carried out to protect California oak trees from this invasive pest. 


Emerald Ash Borer Emerald Ash Borer larva

Adult and larval Emerald Ash Borer. A pest killing millions of Ash trees in America - biocontrol being initiated.


 Saltcedar  Saltcedar
Diorhabda beetles defoliating Saltcedar in South West United States. Biocontrol in progress.

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