Biocontrol for Nature Conference

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Biological Control for Nature:
Biological control of pests in forests and associated habitats.

This meeting will explore the benefits of classical biological control for the control of invasive insects and weeds in natural forests, and associated habitats such as wetlands, grasslands, and deserts. Applications to islands and other natural systems will be included. The meeting will not address other forms of biological control (augmentation, conservation, biopesticides), nor will it address use of biological control in plantation forestry. The meeting will appeal to biological control scientists, conservationists, invasion biologists, and land managers.

The meeting is supported by the USDA Forest Service, USDA, ARS, the National Park Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the mid Atlantic Exotic Pest Plant Council.

This meeting continues the series started with the 1st International Meeting on Biological Control of Forests Pests, held in 2007 in Beijing.

 Yellow Starthistle  Gonatocerus Ashmeadi  Water Hyacinth  Oxyops Vitiosat
Yellow Starthistle Gonatocerus Ashmeadi Water Hyacinth Oxyops Vitiosat

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